This alloy is used for inert gas arc welding of metals with copper basis, as, for example, copper-silicium, copper-zinc and galvanized sheets, also connected to steel. This material is frequently used for fixing in artistic foundries. For welding galvanized sheets and even as coating of steel using the MIG and TIG methods. It is also suitable for surfaces subject to corrosion.


Copper wire for high quality welding. It can be used with both TIG and MIG methods. Its excellent flowability makes it ideal for copper welding. Thanks to the deoxidizer in the weld material the welding is solid and porous-free.


This bronze wire has a high percentage of tin. It is suitable for both TIG and MIG methods. It is excellent for fixing in artistic foundries. Ideal for surfaces, this material improves the hardness and can also be used for fixing worn surfaces withsimilar basis metals.


The alloy SF-CuAl8 has been developed for welding copper alloys and for coatings on steel, steel castings, nickel alloys and for fixing works in artistic foundries. Excellent for metal spraying. This material offers a very high resistance to seawater-corrosion and to the most commonly used acids in any concentration and at any temperature they may be needed. High erosion resistance. Often used for welding galvanised steel sheets.


This weld metal is a bronze-aluminium one that is generally used for joining aluminium-bronze or similar compositions, for manganese, silicium, bronze and some copper-nickel alloys. The SAFRA alloy SAFRA SF-CuAl9Fe is suitable for welding parts which can undergo seawater corrosion. It is also used for joining dissimilar alloys, as for example copper and steel, cast iron, bronze and for a wide range of coating applications. Excellent for metal spraying.


An aluminium bronze alloy containing Nickel, Manganese and Iron. Applications include overlaying of steel. It has a good resistance to wear and good corrosion properties against sea-water and chlorides. The high mechanical strenght makes it suitable for welding on Cast Iron. Pre-heating is recommended for large work pieces.


A Nickel Aluminium Bronze wire for use in welding of Nickel aluminium bronze (Cu Ni Al) components and fittings of similar composition. This weld metal alloy has excellent corrosion and wear resistance characteristics, which promote applications in marine, power and chemical plant components e.g. ships propellers, pumps and sea-water fittings. Surfacing with this alloy on steel or bronze alloy allow a very high corrosion, erosion and cavitation resistance.


The alloy SAFRA SF-CuMn13Al7 is a welding wire containing manganese, nickel, aluminium and bronze. This is suitable for joining or fixing cast metals and for welding basis metals with similar compositions. Other applications include the resistance to using bronze-alloy-surfaces and surface applications on CMn steels and cast iron, which require bronze diffusion bonding. Coatings with this alloy allow a very high corrosion, erosion and cavitation resistance. Excellent in marine, power and chemical plants for the production of propellers, pumps and seawater devices.