Worldwide Welding Wire

Since 1970 Safra has been developing and manufacturing aluminum alloy and copper alloy welding and brazing wires.

Production of consumables
since 1970

An Italian excellence in the world, since 1970 Safra develops and manufactures aluminium and copper alloys for welding and brazing, following a production process aimed to innovation for achieving the best possible quality.

Today the company has 4 sites in the world: Italy, France, Brazil and Germany. A capillary presence which guarantees on-site assistance and satisfies, at its best, the specific requirements of every country and reference sector.

safra spa

“a 50-year-old successful story …”

Safra spa

Safra, an excellence in history.

From its historical headquarters in Travagliato (Brescia), the heart of our production, to its international distribution points, Safra manufactures and distributes its aluminium and copper alloys, welding consumables in MIG and TIG forms. Safra’s products are delivered to highly specialized sectors such as shipyards, automotive, train construction, cryogenic, etc.

Thanks to a worldwide distribution network; we manufacture high-quality consumables implementing the best engineering and technical resources, for a continuous and fruitful R&D activity linked to the metallurgic sector.
Loyalty and transparency are some of the values which identify us. Customers and suppliers deal with an ideal partner, with whom they can build a positive and trustful relationship in reciprocal respect.



Safra is born


The distribution network covers the entire world market


The company wins ISO 9001 and JIS certification


Safra Spa acquires control of the French company Migweld Sas


Brallco Ltda is founded in Brazil

Safra spa

Our values

Expanding itself for 50 years, today Safra still strongly believes in values such as honesty, continuous improvement, and achievement of perfection.

Respect of traditions
Safra is a family business aiming at keeping faith to its own commitments and traditions.

Social and cultural care With a great international experience, we pay careful attention to development of partnerships, respecting cultural differences.

Sector reference point We collaborate with employees and customers to place on the market the best aluminium and copper welding consumables, without settling for achieved results.

Grow together.
Today like yesterday

Safra’s aims


We manufacture aluminium and copper alloys welding consumables that can reveal the desires of our customers within a winning price/quality connection


Our optimized processes and our simple company’s organization allow us to quickly rationalise decisions and implement new activities in a short time


Our primary aim is to finance our growth with a profitable business. This allows Safra to become independent and fruitfully expand globally


To increase our business volume and daily improve ourselves, our winning cards are spreading into high-tech sectors and attract new partners


We daily commit ourselves to become the reference point for the world in the welding consumables sector, by establishing positive and success-aimed relationships with our customers


In 2021 we obtained the patent for aluminium and copper alloys welding consumables. This is an important achievement that confirms we’re on the right track



safra spa


safra spa